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Michael O'Connor
Giants From A Sleepy Town
Devil's Lullaby
Flesh And Bone
Getaway Car
Sleepy Town
Slaid Cleaves
Everything You Love Will Be Taken Away...
Beautiful Thing
Black T-Shirt
Green Mountains And Me
Hard To Believe
Ray Bonneville
Goin' By Feel
Crow John
What Katy Did (Co-Written W / Gurf Morlix)
Sabine River
Cemetery Road
I Am The Big Easy (W / Eliza Gilkyson)
So Long Blues
Reckless Feeling
Carry The Fallen (W / Eliza Gilkyson)
Goin' By Feel
Shy Star (W / Eliza Gilkyson)
Run Jolee Run
Cool Cool Rain
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  • *Sam Baker - Land Of Doubt NEW RELEASE!!

    The long-awaited fifth release from Austin's Sam Baker. Track samples below. More of Sam's CDs are available on page 2! TRACKS: 1 Summer Wind / 2 Same Kind Of Blue / 3. The Slivered Moon / 4 Margaret / 5 Love Is Patient / 6 Leave / 7 Pastures Fit For Thoroughbreds / 8 Song Of Sunrise Birds / 9 The Feast Of Saint Valentine / 10 Moses In The Reeds / 11 Say The Right Words / 12 The Sunken City Rises / 13 Peace Out / 14 Where Fallen Angels Dwell / 15 Land Of Doubt - All Packaged With Lyric Booklet In A Classy 3-Panel Digipak Case

  • Blaze Foley & The Beaver Valley Boys - Cold, Cold World

    Blaze Foley's working band, The Beaver Valley Boys are solidly anchored here by Gurf Morlix, who is also the one mostly responsible for these recordings actually seeing the light of day. Cold, Cold World consists of once lost studio recordings dating from 1979 and 1980. Digipak. TRACKS 1 Cold, Cold World 2 No Goodwill Stores in Waikiki 3 In the Misty Garden / I Should Have Been Home With You 4 Picture Cards 5 Big Cheeseburgers and Good French Fries 6 Small Town Hero 7 Baby Can I Crawl Back to You? 8 Wouldn't That Be Nice? 9 Slow Boat to China 10 Election Day 11 Rainbows and Ridges 12 Christian Lady Talkin' On a Bus 13 Faded Loves & Memories 14 Gettin' Over You 15 New Wave Blues 16 Officer Norris 17 Why Do You Treat Me Thisaway?

  • Blaze Foley - Live At The Austin Outhouse

    Most of these tracks (along with those on "Oval Room") were recorded in late December 1988, just four short weeks before Blaze was gunned down. **NEW PACKAGING!! - Now comes in a Gatefold cardboard sleeve. TRACKS 1. Oh Darlin' 2. Clay Pigeons 3. If I Could Only Fly 4. Small Town Hero 5. Blaze Intro / New Slow Boat to China 6. Our Little Town 7. Officer Norris 8. Christian Lady Talkin' On a Bus 9. Picture Cards Cant Picture You 10. Election Day 11. Faded Loves and Memories 12. Oooh Love

  • Blaze Foley - Oval Room

    Produced by Gurf Morlix & John Casner, 2004s "OVAL ROOM" draws from the same live sessions that became "LIVE AT THE AUSTIN OUTHOUSE" released in 1999. There are NO tracks duplicated here, and are BOTH worth getting for Blaze collectors. On a few tracks Gurf & others recorded & overdubbed new parts at Gurf's studio in 2004. Jewel case TRACKS 1. Oval Room 2. My Reasons Why 3. WW III 4. Rainbows and Ridges 5. Wouldn't That Be Nice 6. Cold, Cold World 7. For Anything Less 8. Springtime in Uganda 9. Someday 10. Lovin' You 11. Blaze Foley's 113th Wet Dream 12. Big Cheeseburgers & Good French Fries 13. Ain't Got No Sweet Thing 14. Down Here Where I Am 15. No Goodwill Stores in Waikiki 16. Long Gone

  • Blaze Foley - Sittin' By The Road

    LOST ART RECORDS presents a dozen tracks from the earliest known recordings of Blaze Foley. Taped on a reel-to-reel back in the mid-70s, you'll hear some of Blaze's best known songs in their earliest incarnations, as well as three tracks released here for the very first time. Gatefold cardboard sleeve. TRACKS: 1. Big Cheeseburgers & Good French Fries 2. Clay Pigeons 3. Sittin' by the Road 4. Slow Boat to China 5. Election Day 6. Let Me Ride in Your Big Cadillac 7. Cold, Cold World 8. The Way You Smile 9. Rainbows and Ridges 10. Fat Boy 11. Faded Loves and Memories 12. If I Could Only Fly

  • Blaze Foley: Duct Tape Messiah - DVD Documentary (Canada / Continental US)

    It took filmmaker Kevin Triplett twelve years of love & determination to bring this captivating documentary on the life, times and songs of the late, great Blaze Foley to fruition. That love shines through many times along the way in this wonderful and touching story of Blaze, as recounted by his long-time sweetheart (author) Sybil Rosen, friend and running-partner Gurf Morlix and many other friends, family and acquaintances. NTSC ALL REGIONS (DVD comes in a gatefold LP-style cardboard cover and is NOT factory-sealed) *SOUNDTRACK CD IS ALSO AVAILABLE BELOW!

  • Blaze Foley: Duct Tape Messiah - Soundtrack CD

    April 2011-Soundtrack to much-anticipated Blaze Foley documentary. 12 years in the making but well worth the wait! Director Kevin Triplett manages to personally introduce you to the larger than life legend who IS Blaze Foley! Open up your ears to this soundtrack, then open up your eyes to the documentary - coming to this webstore later this year! Gatefold cardboard sleeve. TRACKS 1. Let Me Ride In Your Big Cadillac (Previously Unreleased Version) 2. Sittin' By The Road 3. Livin' In The Woods In A Tree 4. Moonlight 5. You'll Get Yours Aplenty 6. Cosmic Doo Doo 7. In The Misty Garden / Should've Been Home With You (Previously Unreleased Version) 8. My Reasons Why (Previously Unreleased Version) 9. If I Could Only Fly 10. Goin' Away (Previously Unreleased) 11. No Goodwill Stores In Waikiki 12. Down Here Where I Am 13. Big Cheeseburgers & Good French Fries 14. Our Little Town 15. Lovin' You (Previously Unreleased) 16. The Unclouded Day (Previously Unreleased Bonus Track)

  • Genuine Cowgirls - Songs From The Saddle Shop

    Great home-grown Alberta Genuine Cowgirls!! Produced by Nashville-based Tim Lorsch (Sam Baker, Jason Eady, Amanda Pearcy), this group of gals from central Alberta are the real deal. They DO know ranching, roping, roundups and rodeo, but can wrangle a song or two as well. Listen up to some "Songs From The Saddle Shop"! Jewel case. TRACKS 1. Blue Roan Horse 2. We Learned To Dance 3. Better Hold On 4. Lori's Leather And Repair 5. Will My Love Be Enough 6. Dally Welte 7. No Tourists, No Locals 8. Tough And Tender 9. Windbreak 10. Lay It Down 11. Solar Lights 12. Song With No Ending 13. Church Of The Lost And Found

  • Gurf Morlix - Birth To Boneyard

    If you're a fan of cool & ethereal soundtrack music, this MAY just be the Gurf Morlix album for YOU! As Gurf writes on the back cover... "This album may sound a little familiar at first. That's right. These are the songs from DIAMONDS TO DUST. But this is an instrumental album. The interesting and evocative textures create a unique aural soundscape. Open your mind and let this music fill some space". Gurf removed the vocals and replaced them with sounds - samples of monks chanting, odd swirly ambiences, slide guitar, weird keyboards, etc. Gatefold cardboard sleeve. TRACKS 1. Killin' Time In Texas 2. Up Against It 3. Windows Open, Windows Close 4. Diamonds To Dust 5. Need You Now 6. Food, Water, Shelter & Love 7. I've Got A Passion 8. Madalyn's Bones 9. Blanket 10 Worth Dyin' For

  • Gurf Morlix - Blaze Foley's 113th Wet Dream

    Here it is! Gurf's loving tribute to his old (dearly departed) friend Blaze Foley. If you've been lucky enough to see Gurf live over the past year or so, you'll know all about Blaze, and also about this albums' release to coincide with a documentary film about Blaze. Gurf WILL be touring the album in 2011 along with the movie, so keep your eyes & ears open for this visual & aural treat coming your way soon. Gatefold cardboard sleeve. TRACKS 1. Baby Can I Crawl Back to You? 2. Big Cheeseburgers and Good French Fries 3. Clay Pigeons 4. If I Could Only Fly (W / KIMMIE RHODES) 5. No Goodwill Stores in Waikiki 6. For Anything Less 7. Oh Darlin' 8. Picture Cards 9. Down Here Where I Am 10. Oooh Love 11. Small Town Hero 12. Rainbows and Ridges 13. Blaze Foley's 113th Wet Dream 14. In the Misty Garden / I Shoulda Been Home with You 15. Cold, Cold World

  • Gurf Morlix - Cut 'N Shoot

    Gurf's 2004 release, and his debut on Austin's Blue Corn label. Digipak. TRACKS 1 Yesterday She Didn't 2 Were You Lyin' Down? 3 Ten Years of Love 4 Without You 5 The Whole Truth 6 Me & You 7 I'll Change 8 Where There is Smoke 9 A Girl Like You 10 Lost Without You 11 Grabbin' For Love 12 Your Sister 13 They're Hangin' Me Tonight

  • Gurf Morlix - Diamonds To Dust

    Besides in-concert favourites "Killin' Time In Texas" and "Madalyn's Bones", this release also features a superb cover version of Bob Dylan's "With God On Our Side". Digipak. TRACKS 1 Killin' Time In Texas 2 Madalyn's Bones 3 Food, Water, Shelter & Love 4 Blanket 5 Diamonds To Dust 6 With God On Our Side 7 I've Got A Passion 8 Windows Open, Windows Close 9 Up Against It 10 Worth Dyin' For 11 Need You Now

  • Gurf Morlix - Finds The Present Tense

    Well, it has been a while since Gurf released a CD of his own new material, but it's finally here, and it's been worth the wait! After several years of recording and touring the songs of his old friend Blaze Foley, Gurf has come out with ten great tracks that may be his most introspective and personal yet. While he may indeed have (in his own proud words) "A lower body count" on this disc, Gurf still digs down into the darker side of of the psyche, relationships and controversial subjects in general. Track Listing: 1. My Life's Been Taken / 2. Lookin' For You / 3. Series Of Closin' Doors / 4. Small Window / 5. Present Tense / 6. Gasoline / 7. Bang Bang Bang / 8. You Walk Away / 9. These Are My Blues / 10. Empty Cup

  • Gurf Morlix - Fishin' In The Muddy

    Gurf's second release from 2002 on the Catamount label out of Chicago. Jewel case. TRACKS 1 Torn In Two 2 I Ain't Goin' That Way 3 My Lesson 4 Fishin' In The Muddy 5 Center Of The Universe 6 Big Eye 7 I'm Hungry and I'm Cold 8 Your Picture 9 How To Be 10 Driftin' Apart 11 There Goes The Bone 12 Let The Rhythm Rule

  • Gurf Morlix - Last Exit To Happyland

    Gurf's Vocals have never sounded better than on this 2009 release - blending wonderfully when accompanied by Patty Griffin singing on three tracks(*). Barbara Kooyman also sings on a song that Gurf wrote for Blaze Foley(+) & there's also some vocalizing from Ruthie Foster (#). Gatefold cardboard sleeve. TRACKS 1 One More Second 2 Walkin To New Orleans 3 Crossroads 4 She's A River* 5 Drums From New Orleans# 6 Music You Mighta Made+ 7 I Got Nothin* 8 Hard Road 9 End Of The Line 10 Voice Of Midnight*

  • Gurf Morlix - Toad Of Titicaca

    In 2000 Gurf Morlix finally came out of the shadows to release this debut "solo" release on Chicago's Catamount label. Best known for his production, engineering and other studio work, as well as being THE go-to session player & sideman (Lucinda Williams, Slaid Cleaves, Buddy Miller, Robert Earl Keen et al)... here we finally get to hear Gurf do his own thing. Jewel case. TRACKS 1 Wild Things 2 You Don't Know Me 3 Robin Sings At Midnight 4 Rainin' On Me 5 Rock Bottom 6 Feel Free 7 Leap of Faith 8 I Blunder On 9 Dan Blocker 10 Greatest Show on Earth 11 Fallin' Off the Face of the World

  • J.R. Shore - State Theatre

    J.R. Shore is one of Alberta's true musical treasures! A multi award-winning Roots/Americana singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, solo artist, band leader, band member... he just keeps on getting better with every release! Album Style Cardboard Sleeve. Track Listing: DISC 1 (Originals) 1. Holler Like Hell / 2. Addie Polk / 3. Poundmaker / 4. Charlie Grant / 5. Dash Snow / 6. Jackie's Odds / 7. M.S. St. Louis / 8. Spring Training / 9. 146 / 10. The Ballad Of Dreyfus / 11. Charlie's Lullaby / 12. Dayton Free DISC 2 (Covers) 1 W.S. Walcott Medicine Show (The Band) / 2 Blue Wing (Tom Russell / Dave Alvin) / 3 Smokey Joe's Cafe (The Coasters) / 4 Sin City (Flying Burrito Brothers) / 5 For The Turnstiles (Neil Young) / 6 Redneck Mother (Ray Wylie Hubbard) / 7 Deal (The Grateful Dead) / 8 The Late John Garfield Blues (John Prine)

  • Jimmy LaFave - Austin Skyline

    First impressions mean a lot. I clearly remember hearing this (Jimmy's first release) with his wistful vocals on Walk Away Renee and loving it! It certainly stands the test of time. The FOUR Dylan covers included here in now way overshadow Jimmy's own songs. This disc showed he had promise even back in 1993 and he's sure lived up to it. JEWEL CASE Tracks: 1 Thru the Neon Night 2 Girl from the North Country (Bob Dylan) 3 Desperate Men Do Desperate Things 4 When It Starts to Rain 5 Deep South 61 Delta Highway Blues 6 Walk Away Renee 7 Measuring Words 8 You're a Big Girl Now (Bob Dylan) 9 Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat (Bob Dylan) 10 Only One Angel 11 Everytime 12 Rocket in My Pocket 13 Darkest Side of Midnight 14 Restless Spirits 15 Trouble Free 16 Shelter from the Storm (Bob Dylan)

  • Jimmy LaFave - Favorites 1992-2001

    There just aren't that many instantly distinguishable and GREAT voices out there, but Jimmy LaFave sure owned one. Sadly, Jimmy and his amazing voice were taken from us by cancer on May 21, 2017. Whether it was his own composition, a great cover version or one of his many personal tributes to the songs of Woody Guthrie or Bob Dylan, you just KNEW it was Jimmy as soon as the first word escaped his lips. This is a great 16 track compilation covering the best of Jimmy's Bohemia Beat label recordings. DIGIPAK Tracks: 1 Desperate Men Do Desperate Things 2 Going Home 3 Rock And Roll Music To The World 4 Only One Angel 5 Burden To Bear 6 Never Is A Moment 7 Sweetheart Like You 8 How It Must Remain 9 Austin After Midnight 10 When It Starts To Rain 11 Buffalo Return To The Plains 12 On A Bus To St. Cloud 13 When I See You Again 14 Walk Away Renee 15 Into Your Life 16 Measuring Words

  • Jimmy LaFave - Texoma

    Instantly distinguishable with his uniquely soulful voice, on 2001s Texoma Jimmy LaFave covers tracks by John Phillips, Alvin Lee, Jimmy Webb and (of course) Bob Dylan. He also pays homage to his other big hero, Woody Guthrie, who in more recent times Jimmy has become uniquely connected with via tribute CDs and Woody's estate. JEWEL CASE Tracks: 1 Bad Bad Girl 2 San Francisco 3 Never Is a Moment 4 This Glorious Day 5 Poor Man's Dream 6 On a Bus to St. Cloud 7 Rock and Roll Music to the World 8 Red Dirt Song 9 Woody Guthrie 10 Tears 11 Love Can Find Its Own Way 12 Elvis Loved His Mama 13 Emotionally Yours 14 Patient Man 15 On the Road to Rock and Roll 16 The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress

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